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Reserve With Google: A November Update

Since the easing of Covid restrictions, we’ve been delighted to see the booking numbers in Collins rise as venues once again fill with the sound of clinking glasses and chatter over empty plates.

Here at Collins, we have a fantastic partner network to help you stand out against the competition and enable customers to find and book one of your venues easier than ever before. On alone we have seen an incredible 280% increase in bookings through our website in 2021. That’s a lot of bums on seats and drinks in hands.

Collins <> Google

In an effort to help you maximise the bookings you can receive through our Google partnership, we have recently improved our Collins <> Google integration by adding an exciting new feature to enable you to prioritise what bookings are made through the platform.

Since we have made this update we have seen a 50% increase in bookings through the platform. We are recommending you check your booking type priorities in the coming days to ensure they are correct and meet your needs. Please follow the below guide on how to do this:

You’ll see a new ‘booking type priorities’ box in the booking type section of your Collins admin:

Once you have clicked on the button, you’ll be presented with a pop-up screen, where you can manage your booking type priorities:

The priorities set in the active column will be used anywhere the booking type is inferred in Collins, for example, LiveWait as well as Reserve with Google.

Dining Reservations Only

As Google only allow ‘dining’ reservations to be made through the platform, you will see a ‘G’ icon next to any booking types that can be made available on RwG. If the booking type is in the ‘active’ section and has a ‘G’ icon the booking type will be available through the Reserve with Google platform. If you have a booking type that you believe should have a ‘G’ icon but doesn’t (or vice versa) please contact our support team.

You can drag and drop the booking types from active to inactive and also change the order of the booking types.

The Reserve with Google platform will run off the same rules you have set up in Collins. The customer does not see Collins Booking Types when making a booking through the Google platform, instead, in the background Collins allocates the booking to be the best booking type based on the customers time, date, and party size selection, together with the Booking Type Priorities set in Collins.

The order will come into effect if your booking types have cross over times, for example, if your Breakfast booking type is available from 8am – 12pm and your Lunch booking type is set up to be available from 11:30am – 5pm, you may wish to set Lunch above breakfast in the order, as you have a higher value associated with Lunch bookings. This will mean any bookings made between 11:30-12pm the system will book this in as a Lunch booking.

Once you have made your updates, click the purple ‘update priorities’ button. This will save your changes for you.

Referral Invoices

Please remember we only ever invoice for completed bookings, but it is your responsibility to ensure Collins is up to date and that any no shows, cancelled bookings or anything else that keeps customers getting through your doors – is reflected in Collins. Have a look over this LINK on how to reject bookings, this LINK covers rejecting in bulk and here’s a handy LINK on filtering bookings.

Any questions, please contact support or your Customer Success Manager.

If you’re not on Reserve with Google, or taking bookings on but would like to be, please contact your Account Manager.

Love, Team Collins x

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