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An update on Collins Pay and refunds

Collins Pay: We have taken the decision to temporarily disable Collins Pay, which means you will not be able to take payments or card authentications through the system while business has been halted. 

Refunds Through Collins: Previously, when you refunded a customer through Collins we refunded the customer immediately on your behalf, then deducting the refund from the next bulk payment due to you. Due to the unprecedented situation, the number of refunds outweigh the number of new payments, which means we can no longer operate in this way.  

You can activate a refund in the usual manner from Collins, however, the refund will not be actioned instantly. We will reconcile the refunds you have made on a daily basis and we will invoice you for those refunds the next working day, or make a payment to you if you are owed. As soon as the payment for the refund invoice has been received we can then release the funds to the customer on your behalf.

We hope you understand why we have had to make this change and that we cannot take on the liability of everyone’s refunds.

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