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LAUNCH: Allergen Pre-Ordering tool

Our online pre-ordering system, Collins Pre-Order, live now for over 15 months, has put through over 1 million pre-order items; making every single end customer’s experience of pre-ordering a hell of a lot nicer – pre-order online and pay online (even on their mobile).

And for you, our lovely clients? You can now manage everything with one online link, print kitchen sheets, function sheets and even your place cards – all with the click of one button.

With the recent surge in allergen requests from end customers, we wanted to update Collins Pre-Order to help you organise yourselves and enable a smooth, hassle-free pre-ordering journey for your customers with allergies.

image (3)

The customer has selected they are vegetarian. See the highlighted (V) against the items they can order. Also, see the allergens against the other items

With the launch of our new allergen and item customisation tool you can:

  • Mark which items have an allergen present
  • Customise an item for those with an allergy. EG The cheeseburger can be made suitable for a dairy allergy with vegan cheese
  • Make choices available at the point of ordering. EG. How do you want your steak cooked? What bun do you want with your burger?
  • The menu sent to your customers to order from, will all be filterable by allergen and dietary type (vegetarian, vegan, halal etc…)
  • Any dietary/allergen request will automatically appear on your kitchen/chef printouts and your staff’s function sheets for service


Life just got a lot easier for you and your customers!

Events manager at Bounce, Kemi, has quickly updated all menus with allergy/dietary type customisations and is loving the changes,

The latest update for pre-ordering through Collins has had a massive impact on how our guests pre-order and how the reservationists use the system.

The new option to customise items and add allergens to food items has made the process of pre-ordering for the guest much quicker as they no longer have to call and ask if we can amend items or ask which items are suitable for their dietary requirements, as it’s very clear from the get go.

Anything that makes guest lives and our lives easier is a clear winner!

image (2)

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