Big Launch: Collins Call

We are super excited to launch COLLINS CALL; a new product we have been building for near on a year!

Collins Call is an automated phone reservation system.

Do you worry about your venue phone line ringing through and missing out on bookings/enquiries? Spend too much time on the phone, taking small bookings?

Now you can connect Collins Call, which hooks straight into your live Collins system, and takes the booking for you, over the phone. All automated. Never miss a potential booking/enquiry again!
As you know with Collins, we like to push the dial forward too, so ours will be the first automated phone reservation system that can take enquiries and deposits, as well as the standard auto-confirmed smaller bookings.

Rather than ramble on, please take a look at our FAQs, here, for more info and pricing on Collins Call. We hope you love this product as much as we have loved developing it!

Collins Venue Tags: Segment your venues to get the best out of your reports and other sections

We are super excited to launch our new ‘Venue Tags’ feature, which allows multi-site groups to segment their venues; be it by brand, district, locations.. whatever you like.
You can sort what ‘Tags’ are to be set up at an organisational level and then assign them to the associated venues.
You‘re then able to report by the different Tags set up, within a matter of seconds. Need a brand report for a regional meeting? No problem. Want to see how the Scottish sites are getting on in the run-up to Christmas? Easy peasy.
You can also copy across data from one tag to another at the click of a button…want to upload your Christmas Menu 1 to all London venues and Christmas Menu 2 to all northern venues? a minute.

Reserve with Google Partners With Collins

Collins has launched a partnership with Google to implement the Reserve with Google product.
This allows your potential customers to book directly from your Google Listing and Google Maps. The customer never needs to leave Google to make the booking and the confirmed booking then goes straight into your Collins system, like any other booking.
Why are we so excited about this? The Reserve with Google mantra is about converting your customers extremely quickly compared with someone googling your venue > landing on your site > finding reservations section > making a booking. Think of it similar to the Amazon “Buy Now” philosophy where you just buy with a click without further thought needed. It also allows customers to search and book your venue in Google Maps, which is great for on-the-go, last minute bookings.

Mitchells & Butlers join the Collins revolution

We are super excited to announce that Mitchells & Butlers will be using Collins for their small table reservations and large enquiries; replacing Bookatable and Zonal Liveres. After a successful trial whereby the number of enquiries in from their websites, went up, and their confirmed covers, also went up, they have decided to start our new partnership with Castle, All Bar One, Nicholson’s and Brown’s brands.


Gaucho Testimonial…

“Using Collins has completely streamlined our entire reservations process for group bookings and large events.  Working across a collection of venues, the enquiry management system has helped our team of event managers work more efficiently and cohesively in managing and converting enquiries.  Features such as the card authentication system, pre-orders emails, and the run sheet generator have massively helped in time spent on administrative tasks, and the reports system has been instrumental in setting and tracking targets for the team.”

Bookings Overview Calendar

We have had many requests over the years for an overview of in-progress enquiries and confirmed bookings in a diary format; with lots of granular detail too.

We challenged ourselves to create a format that gives you flexibility over a week and month view, across all your zones/spaces, for confirmed and in progress bookings, looking at covers/bookings/value and bringing in the analytics/actions of your different booking tags.

We tried to solve these types of questions:

– How many in progress enquiries do I have open across my private zones next week?
– What is the value of all my open enquiries in December? Which days have a lot that I need to try and close?
– How many enquiries do I have open this month that are awaiting a deposit? And what value are all these open enquiries to me?
– Do any of my private rooms have a hold on them on the w/c 10th December that I need to chase?
– How many open party enquiries do I have this month, for dinner service? And what are the bookings?

image (12)

Taking all this into consideration we have created the Bookings Overview Calendar, which is a data beast, crunching all your numbers for you and presenting them in a legible, flexible and actionable format!

image (13)

Davy’s joins the Collins revolution…

After a full tender process against all other reservation suppliers, we are delighted to welcome Davy’s 26 wine bars and restaurants to our Collins family.


They are taking advantage of our real-time booking functionalities, enquiry management for private dining and groups, pre-ordering, reservation e-mail organisation and our payments platform, with our free integration into their Zonal Epos, for a seamless ecosystem of data.

Pre-Register for Access to our new Support Centre

We are working on a brand new Customer Success Portal for all customers, which we hope to launch soon. The exciting benefits are listed below.
However, it is extremely important that you get yourself and everyone in your team that uses Collins, to pre-register HERE. [Click – Not a member].
Key features of the new Customer Success Portal: 

1. We are significantly improving the way you see and interact with your Support cases, including:

• A new personal Support Case Dashboard for an at a glance view of all your support cases, raised.
• Improved Case summary information and ways for you to escalate, close or re-open your own cases.
• The ability to quickly export your support case(s) information to Excel.

2. New Community site to work with your peers…ask questions to the Collins community (How-To/Best Practice); help each other and answer each other’s questions.  We have so many passionate and knowledgeable users of Collins we really want to create one large community where we can all help each other to excel.
3. Powerful and searchable Knowledge Base with common answers and how-to’s – lets you find and rate the best answers quickly and easily.

4. For those of you that have more than one Access Hospitality product (our new family), then you will get access to Customer Success for all your products within the one help centre, with visibility for all our Success Teams of the cases you have raised across the multiple products.

 What to do next? 

Pre-register, pre-register, pre-register! Please send this on to everyone who uses Collins to make sure everyone gets registered in the next few weeks. CLICK HERE