Bookings Overview Calendar

We have had many requests over the years for an overview of in-progress enquiries and confirmed bookings in a diary format; with lots of granular detail too.

We challenged ourselves to create a format that gives you flexibility over a week and month view, across all your zones/spaces, for confirmed and in progress bookings, looking at covers/bookings/value and bringing in the analytics/actions of your different booking tags.

We tried to solve these types of questions:

– How many in progress enquiries do I have open across my private zones next week?
– What is the value of all my open enquiries in December? Which days have a lot that I need to try and close?
– How many enquiries do I have open this month that are awaiting a deposit? And what value are all these open enquiries to me?
– Do any of my private rooms have a hold on them on the w/c 10th December that I need to chase?
– How many open party enquiries do I have this month, for dinner service? And what are the bookings?

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Taking all this into consideration we have created the Bookings Overview Calendar, which is a data beast, crunching all your numbers for you and presenting them in a legible, flexible and actionable format!

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Davy’s joins the Collins revolution…

After a full tender process against all other reservation suppliers, we are delighted to welcome Davy’s 26 wine bars and restaurants to our Collins family.


They are taking advantage of our real-time booking functionalities, enquiry management for private dining and groups, pre-ordering, reservation e-mail organisation and our payments platform, with our free integration into their Zonal Epos, for a seamless ecosystem of data.

Pre-Register for Access to our new Support Centre

We are working on a brand new Customer Success Portal for all customers, which we hope to launch soon. The exciting benefits are listed below.
However, it is extremely important that you get yourself and everyone in your team that uses Collins, to pre-register HERE. [Click – Not a member].
Key features of the new Customer Success Portal: 

1. We are significantly improving the way you see and interact with your Support cases, including:

• A new personal Support Case Dashboard for an at a glance view of all your support cases, raised.
• Improved Case summary information and ways for you to escalate, close or re-open your own cases.
• The ability to quickly export your support case(s) information to Excel.

2. New Community site to work with your peers…ask questions to the Collins community (How-To/Best Practice); help each other and answer each other’s questions.  We have so many passionate and knowledgeable users of Collins we really want to create one large community where we can all help each other to excel.
3. Powerful and searchable Knowledge Base with common answers and how-to’s – lets you find and rate the best answers quickly and easily.

4. For those of you that have more than one Access Hospitality product (our new family), then you will get access to Customer Success for all your products within the one help centre, with visibility for all our Success Teams of the cases you have raised across the multiple products.

 What to do next? 

Pre-register, pre-register, pre-register! Please send this on to everyone who uses Collins to make sure everyone gets registered in the next few weeks. CLICK HERE

Christmas was a dream at the Circus…

Popular restaurant, Circus, in Covent Garden, moved over to Collins for table reservations and enquiry management in April 2017. With Collins they were able to do auto-confirm bookings + taking payment for their restaurant shows, at the point of booking. They also took advantage of our enquiry management suite for all their groups/parties/xmas bookings, paired with our online deposit and pre-order tool.

We caught up with their sales and events manager to see how Christmas went at Circus:

Having Collins this year for our Christmas bookings – was HUGELY helpful. Having all the correspondence and payments in one place made things so smooth and easy: The follow up calendar, the labelling as well as the reminder emails made the whole process so efficient. I’m really happy with how things have been working with Collins. I’m telling everyone to change over to you guys!

Balans Quadruple Xmas With Collins

The fabulous Balans Soho Society group joined Collins in August 2017 with their 6 restaurant, cafe, bar concepts. They use Collins to manage all their enquiries of 7 people or more and take advanatge of our enquiry management suite, pre-ordering, email inbox, online deposits and more.

We caught up with their Marketing Director to find out how they are getting on with Collins:

Working with the team from DesignMyNight/Collins has been nothing but a joy. The training and careful guidance they offer has made the integration of their system incredibly simple and efficient. Collins has helped transform us from a company that basically relied on one person writing down bookings in a big dusty book with a quill and ink to a streamlined, effective organisation over which everyone has oversight. Bookings for Xmas 2017 quadrupled. We could not be happier!


Draft House (16 sites) share their views…

The Draft House, a growing group of 16 pub/restaurant/bar venues joined Collins 10 months ago, from The Nudge system, owned by ResDiary. They manage all food, drink, group and private hire bookings within Collins. We caught up with their Sales & Marketing Manager about how she has been finding Collins:

“After over 10 years in Hospitality and Event Management I can categorically say that Collins is the best system I have ever used. We implemented Collins across 16 venues and as a head of department with many balls to juggle I instantly felt more in control with Collins as I had a clear picture of my venues peaks and troughs as well as my team’s pipeline, performance and efficiency. Simple to use yet still detail-oriented.

The customer service from the team is second to none, they are endlessly friendly, patient and accommodating. They are always willing to listen and implement suggestions for improvement and provide bespoke solutions to the individual needs of a business. This is a system that can grow with a business.

The functionality of the pre-order system and payment integration are nothing less than life-changing for busy venues (especially larger groups) and are indispensable for busy periods such as Christmas. I highly recommend any hospitality business who are looking to review their system to consider Collins.

The industry has been calling out for a system like this, thank goodness it is here!”

Polpo treble their Christmas results with Collins…


Polpo’s delectable group of Venetian restaurants joined Collins in June 2017 to formalise their group enquiries, private hires and Xmas booking processes. They used us alongside another booking system that managed their smaller bookings.

Their, Brand and Marketing Manager, very kindly let us know how she has found the first 6 months of Collins…

‘We have used Collins for the last 6 months, and have been consistently impressed with ease of use of the system along with how incredibly helpful the team are! Up to now, we have only been using the system for larger group bookings, but have been so happy with the service they provide we have decided to switch over to use Collins for bookings of all sizes. December 2017 saw us treble our event sales from the previous year, the result of a huge marketing push but also significantly helped by Collins! I could not recommend these guys highly enough!’