IMP: Reserve With Google Update

We’ve improved our integration with Google and have added a new feature to enable you to prioritise what bookings are made through the platform.

In essence? We’re recommending you check your booking type priorities in the coming days to ensure they are correct and meet your needs. Please follow the below guide on how to do this:

You’ll see a new ‘booking type priorities’ box in the booking type section of your Collins admin.

Once you have clicked on the button, you’ll be presented with a pop-up screen, where you can manage your booking type priorities.

The priorities set in the active column will be used anywhere the booking type is inferred in Collins, for example LiveWait as well as Reserve with Google.

As Google only allow ‘dining’ reservations to be made through the platform, you will see a ‘G’ icon next to any booking types that can be made available on RwG. If the booking type is in the ‘active’ section and has a ‘G’ icon the booking type will be available through the Reserve with Google platform. If you have a booking type that you believe should have a ‘G’ icon but doesn’t (or vice versa) please contact our support team.

You can drag and drop the booking types from active to inactive and also change the order of the booking types.

The Reserve with Google platform will run off the same rules you have set up in Collins. The customer does not see Collins Booking Types when making a booking through the Google platform, instead, in the background Collins allocates the booking to be best booking type based on the customers time, date, and party size selection, together with the Booking Type Priorities set in Collins.

The order will come into effect if your booking types have cross over times, for example if your Breakfast booking type is available from 8am – 12pm and your Lunch booking type is set up to be available from 11:30am – 5pm, you may wish to set Lunch above breakfast in the order, as you have a higher value associated with Lunch bookings. This will mean any bookings made between 11:30-12pm the system will book this in as a Lunch booking.

Once you have made your updates, click the purple ‘update priorities’ button. This will save your changes for you.

Any questions, please contact support or your Customer Success Manager. If you are not on Reserve with Google but would like to be, please contact your Account Manager

Love Team Collins x

A reminder for all DesignMyNight booking partners!

A reminder that our finance team have spruced up their referrals billing method. 

Our team will export out all your Completed referral bookings on the 8th of each month, for the prior month. This means you have from the 1st-7th to ensure all bookings are up to date. 

Please note, Completed. We will only bill you for the reservations in your system that are marked as complete, however, it is your responsibility to ensure that any no shows, cancelled bookings or anything else that keeps customers getting through your doors – is reflected in your Collins bookings. Give a look over this LINK on how to reject bookings, this LINK covers rejecting in bulk and here’s a handy LINK on filtering bookings. 

Collins and The National Lockdown 3.0

First and foremost we hope you and your teams are keeping well and safe.   

In case you have missed it, we have an incredibly handy Access Collins guide on lockdown and re-opening, with lots of useful hints and tips on how to maximise the software during this difficult time.

To help support our Access Collins Partners financially during this current national lockdown, we will be waiving Access Collins subscription fees for January and February. We will review this going forward and following any subsequent government guidance.

Although we are waiving fees, our support, customer success, and account management teams remain on hand to help and you will maintain access to the Access Collins system and as with the previous lockdowns we have been supporting and promoting the fantastic initiatives taken on by you on DeliverMyNight, where we are marketing everything from online events to DIY kits and takeaway options.

Love Team Collins x

Lockdown 2.0 – We’re Here to Help

In case you have missed it, we have an incredibly handy Collins guide on lockdown and re-opening, with lot’s of useful hints and tips on how to maximise the software during this difficult time.

We also recognise the financial impact the latest lockdown will have so we are reducing all Collins licence fees by 50% for the month of November. You do not need to do anything, this has already been applied to your November invoice.

While we are reducing the licence fee for November, we will not be reducing our service. You will be able to access the software as usual and our support and account management teams will be on hand should you need any assistance.

We’ve also been promoting the fantastic initiatives taken on by you during this second lockdown on DeliverMyNight, which is a new platform that markets everything from online events to DIY kits and takeaway options. The message across and on our social media platforms has been to champion the industry and also to let our audience know how they can help support it during this difficult time. Whether that’s by moving their booking instead of asking for a refund, buying a gift voucher in the lead up to Christmas or purchasing in-house merchandise until you reopen.

With love, Team Collins

Collins Security

We have been informed that fraudsters claiming to be from Access Collins / DesignMyNight have been targeting venues and asking for booking details.

A member of the Access Collins/ DesignMyNight team will never;
– Contact you out of the blue asking for booking/ customer details
– Ask for your Access Collins password

Taking a moment to stop and think before parting with information will help keep your business and customer’s details safe. If you are in any doubt whether you are speaking to a member of the Access Collins team, STOP. It’s ok to reject/ ignore the request and contact us through our support portal.

Bookings Partner Update

As we continue to grow and send higher numbers of referrals to our partners, we want to streamline the process to make it more efficient for all parties. This means no more booking statements or spreadsheets. Hooray!

As you know we only ever bill a referral fee for a completed booking that has been made via or one of our 3rd party affiliate partners, never your own website, and if the booking is cancelled or marked as a no-show, then you do not pay a referral fee then either. Rather than sending a statement each month and your teams having to check the statement and come back to us to confirm, going forward, we’ll require these details to be updated in Collins.

If the booking has gone ahead as expected, there is nothing you need to do.If you use Collins in live service to check guests in, that’s perfect as you’ll be recording no-shows and actual guest numbers in Collins throughout service, so again there is nothing further you would need to do. If you don’t use Collins in live service, not to worry, it’s easy to go back and update the booking as a no-show or with actual guest numbers. Updating the booking in Collins will make it a much more efficient process compared to the current back and forth between our finance and your bookings teams.

How to record a no-show in live service

How to update actual guests after a booking has taken place

We want make sure you have plenty of time to update the previous months referral bookings, so you will have until the 7th of the following month. After that date we prepare the invoices. So if you need to, all referral bookings must be updated by the 7th. For private hire bookings, our concierge team will be in touch for final spends by the 7th. Any questions or if you would like to join as a bookings partner, please contact your Collins account manager.

Collins Pay Update

Back in March when venues were forced to close we took the decision to deactivate Collins Pay for anyone using our Stripe Account. We did this to bring in a new refund process and to reconcile each account. In preparation for venues opening again, please let your account manager know if you would like Collins Pay re-activated.  

Reminder of the new refund process – As the original payment would have already been transferred to you (payments work on 3 day cycle), the refund amount will need to be credited back to us before we can complete the refund to your customer. When you action refund in Collins this will not immediately trigger the refund to the customer. We will reconcile any refunds you make in Collins and invoice the next working day. If you are on Direct Debit, the payment will be collected 2 days later. If you are not on Direct Debit the invoice will need to be settled in two working days. As soon as the invoice is settled, we can release the refund to your customer. We reserve the right to deactivate Collins Pay or offset Collins Pay payments against any unpaid invoices.

Update on Corporate card fees – Stripe have recently updated the transaction fees for using corporate cards and so we have needed to review our processes in order to offset the increased charges we now incur. If the customer chooses to use a corporate card they will be notified that there is an additional £1.50 fee, they can choose whether to accept and continue or to use a different card (the end customer pays this additional £1.50 fee, there will be no additional cost to you other than the usual card transaction fee).

Any questions, please contact your Collins Account Manager.


Team Collins x