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A brand new search engine on DesignMyNight.

Now we’ve made it past the hectic festive period and the January blues start to creep in, here at DesignMyNight, we want to share some super exciting news and help start the year with a bang. Not only are we glowing up, with an exciting new look taking us into 2023 and beyond, but we’re also making a huge change to our website that will benefit all DesignMyNight booking partners. 

The everything search engine for people that love discovering something new? 

That’s right. We’ve built it

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create a brand-new all-hospitality table search engine. This impressive new table availability tool is serving up real-time slots at over 4,000 bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs UK-wide, meaning over 3.9 million users a month can grab a seat in their favourite spot, quicker than ever before. 

From a pub in Surrey to a slinky cocktail bar in Shoreditch, we’re helping the thirsty, the hungry and the adventurous find a table, today. 

So what’s different? We’re looking to really capture the on-the-go crowd and show our users the huge wealth of diverse venues we have on our site. Are you looking for something to do in Soho at 7pm on a Tuesday? There are tables available at restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs. DesignMyNight is here to ensure our user base has all the options available to them for their perfect night. 

In addition to this, our search engine now covers all regions on our website, meaning it’s no longer limited by its URL and will show all venues regardless of their location or region, so if customers are in Liverpool and visiting London on the weekend, they’ll be able to find tables in both cities, creating a better customer experience for our users and more conversion opportunities for our venues, everyone’s a winner. 


Only DesignMyNight Booking Partners (DBPs) with a public venue page will show on our search engine, if you’re unsure if whether you’re a DBP or have a public venue page, please drop an email to confirm.

If you do have a public page and you’re a DBP, it’s vital that your booking types have been prioritised as without doing this, your venue won’t appear in our search results, meaning you’ll lose out on valuable bookings and exposure. Prioritising your booking types is really easy, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Click settings, then click sites and select a site
  2. Click booking types
  3. Click sort booking type priorities
  4. Drag and drop the required booking types to the active booking types column 
  5. Active booking types are used anywhere the booking type is inferred in Access Collins
  6. You can re-order the priorities by dragging and dropping them in order
  7. Click upload priorities 

For more information on this, please check out our blog.

It’s now live on our website, and we really hope you love it as much as we do. If you have any questions or want to know more information, please reach out to

Love, Team Collins x

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