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How To Prepare Your Venue For Our New DesignMyNight Search Engine

DesignMyNight’s brand-new all-hospitality table search engine is due to launch in a couple of weeks. This impressive new table availability tool is serving up real-time slots at over 4,000 bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs UK-wide, meaning over 3.9 million users a month can grab a seat in their favourite spot, quicker than ever before.  
From a pub in Surrey to a slinky cocktail bar in Shoreditch, we’re helping the thirsty, the hungry and the adventurous find a table, today.  

Here’s exactly how you can prepare for the new feature arrival.

How can I make my site bookable through DesignMyNight’s new search engine?

To take advantage of DesignMyNight’s table search engine, you will need to be a DesignMyNight Booking partner and have a public DesignMyNight listing. If you are unsure if you fit the above, please raise a ticket through our support portal and our DesignMyNight Booking Partner team will be in touch. 

Alternatively, please email if you are already a public listing, but would like to learn more.

How do I maximise my bookings through DesignMyNight’s table search engine?

I know I am a DesignMyNight Booking Partner and my DesignMyNight page is public, what do I do now?  

You need to ensure your booking types are maximised and set up for the search engine to ensure all booking opportunities.  

To do this; 

Head to Settings> Select Site> Booking Types 

Here you will see a ‘booking type priorities’ box in the booking type section of your Collins admin: 

Once you have clicked on the button, you’ll be presented with a pop-up screen, where you can manage your booking type priorities: 

The priorities set in the active column will be used anywhere the booking type is inferred in Collins, for example:

  • LiveWait.
  • Reserve with Google.
  • DesignMyNight’s new search engine.  

For the booking types to be available on the DesignMyNight search engine, they will need to be in the ‘active’ column. 

DesignMyNight’s search engine will run off the same rules you have set up in Collins. The customer does not see Collins Booking Types when making a booking through the DesignMyNight search engine, instead, in the background, Collins allocates the booking to be the best booking type based on the customers time, date, and party size selection, together with the Booking Type Priorities set in Collins. 

The order will come into effect if your booking types have cross-over times, for example, if your Breakfast booking type is available from 8am – 12pm and your Lunch booking type is set up to be available from 11:30am – 5pm, you may wish to set Lunch above breakfast in the order, as you have a higher value associated with Lunch bookings. This will mean any bookings made between 11:30-12pm the system will book this in as a Lunch booking. 

We suggest that you prioritise the booking type(s) that your customer would most likely associate with your venue. 

Once you have made your updates, click the purple ‘update priorities’ button. This will save your changes for you. 

Reserve With Google & More Need To Know

  • If you are also a Reserve with Google Partner, you can find our guide on maximising your Reserve with Google bookings here. 
  • If you want to update your DesignMyNight site page with an up-to-date description and photos. Follow this link for our guide on how to do that. 
  • Not a DesignMyNight booking partner yet? Raise a ticket through our support portal and our DesignMyNight Bookings Partner team will be in touch. 
  • Need more help? You can visit our Access Collins support portal here.

We’re really excited to launch this new piece of functionality, and can’t wait to have you with us. Please note, this new feature only applies to DesignMyNight UK. 

Love, Team Collins x

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