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Important: Restarting Dispute Process

Hi everyone 👋

We just wanted to update you on some recent changes to our processes regarding the disputes and/or chargebacks. A chargeback relates to a customer who has claimed through their bank, the charge which relates to a booking at your venue. This often results in a refund to the customer, if not contested. This new process will commence on Wednesday 1st June 2022.

Our aim is to work alongside you to contest and challenge any chargebacks or disputes and supply documented evidence in order that we can reject the claim. However, in the event that we are unable to supply these documents or lose the claim, we will, unfortunately, recharge you for the dispute through our invoicing process. There is a £15 administration charge which is levelled through the bank, which will also be passed on to you.

The process:
When we receive a dispute, we have a limited time (normally 30 days) to submit evidence to our payment provider who will decide whether the claim is valid. We will be contacting you to request evidence that will enable us to submit a defence. You may wish to independently contact the customer to ask them about raising the dispute, and if the claim is invalid or erroneous, suggest they contact their bank to cancel the claim. 

After 30 days, our payment provider will review the submitted evidence directly from the customer’s bank and will email us with a decision. If we have provided the necessary documentation to prove the claim is invalid, then all charges will be cancelled. However, should the dispute return as valid and the bank issue a chargeback, this will be passed onto you through our invoicing process. We will be invoicing you for the booking amount plus the £15 dispute fee we are charged by our payment provider.

Please get in touch with the team if you have any questions.

Love, Team Collins x

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