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Important: Changes To The Refund Process

Hey there 

We just wanted to let you know that we will be changing our Collins refund process on Wednesday 30th March 2022.

As you’re aware, for the last two years we have implemented a manual refund process whereby we invoiced you for the refund amount. We either triggered the refund on the same day if you were on DD or when the invoice was paid. We are now able to turn on auto refunds, the automatic process similar to the one we had pre-March 2020. 

New Auto Refund Process
All refunds actioned in Collins will automatically be refunded to the end-user (it will still take up to ten working days to reach the customer) but as soon as the refund button has been hit, the refund will be processed. 

As you have already had the funds (two working days after the customer has paid) we will reclaim the funds from you by automatically deducting the refund amount from your next Collins Pay transfer. If the refund is greater than the transfer it will be deducted from the next payment which is greater than the refund.

The automatic process is much easier and quicker for both you and us, but we do need a mutual agreement on a number of points:

  • As our customer, you will not cancel any direct debit agreements with ourselves.
  • If the value of refunds can’t be deducted from Pay payments within 30 days, then Access will invoice these costs.
  • Any refunds raised in error will no longer have the ability to cancel as they will already be automated – processing a refund is a two-step method, so please do reiterate to your team the importance of double-checking all refunds before confirming.
  • Please note we retain the right to reintroduce a manual process if required i.e. for another lockdown.
  • The change will take place on Wednesday 30th March, so you may still be invoiced on the 31st for refunds actioned in Collins on the 30th.

In terms of reconciling auto refunds, you can use both the Collins Pay payments report and the bank transfer report.

The bank transfers report: if you click on each date you will find the breakdown of each payment, view the DMN refs for payments and then deducted refunds’ DMN refs.

For more information about the payments and refunds, the Collins Pay payments report contains all activity. The refunds will have a credit date in column V. You can filter by this date to find all payments received minus refunds.

For more information about the Collins pay payment report please see our guide.

Love, Team Collins x

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