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Important Upgrade Message

We hope you have received our communications about the changes we are making to your Access Collins log in experience.

Essential things you need to know:

  • Once upgraded you can sign in to Collins through Access Workspace
  • You will have brand new functionality including apps & analytics
  • We’ll add 2 factor authentication for increased data security
  • All of your staff will have access to 10 relevant eLearning courses (if you want them to!)

What happens post upgrade?

Once the upgrade has been activated the next time you or your staff try to log into Collins you will be directed to the migration page which will enable you to sign in using the correct procedures. Users will be able to choose whether or not to defer the upgrade for a 30 day period if not at a convenient time to proceed.

Upon landing on the new page your user details will already be completed and your password will be migrated across to Access Workspace. Next time you access Collins through Access Workspace you will find all of your new functionality waiting for you and will need to use the 9 dot menu in the top left hand corner for navigation purposes.

If you have any further questions about the upgrade / process etc please be sure to contact your main Access representative at your convenience.

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