Collins & Curfew – Our Top Tips for you

Opening Times & Availability 

With a curfew of 10pm now in place across the UK you’ll need to ensure that your system is set-up to reflect this. By updating your closing times with Collins you can ensure that bookings can’t be raised past this point [Guide Here]To support this?

Amend your latest booking time settings to ensure that you aren’t over-committing to covers and that you can comfortably see out the last customers by curfew. [Guide Here]. 

You might have done this already, but with groups capped at no more than 6, it’s worth taking the time to reflect this in your Max Group Size. Making sure booking types are limited will help you and your customers remain compliant [Guide Here]

Contacting Your Customers 

Already have customers booked in after the 10 o’clock curfew? We’ve got you covered on the easiest ways to pull this information from Collins so that you can update any customers as soon as possible.

We’ve included two pre-filtered links below that will take you to the exact data you’ll need to pull in your Enquiries page of Collins – from here you can reject the bookings. 

For bookings of 7+ from now until end of Jan 21- Open this link
Any bookings where the duration exceeds 10pm – Open this link

Before doing so, please make sure that ‘Automatic cancellation email’ is activated in Settings > Booking Types > Emails if you want the system to notify customers. [Guide Here]

OR, should you want to just amend the booking time to adhere to the 10pm curfew, you’ll need to edit the Until time and then compose a new Confirmation email to make the customer aware of the changes should they wish to go ahead – [Guide Here]

Should you need to pull any further data, here’s a handy guide on how to filter enquiries like the above. 

Collins Pay & Your Refund Process 

With these recent changes to the guidelines it is expected that as an industry we will see a small rise in refund requests. This is the time to make sure your refund policy ties in line with the Access Collins process so that a clear message is communicated to customers.

Refunds raised by the customer through Collins are expected to be paid in 10-14 working days. Moving to direct debit will fix this process to 10 working days. If you would like to move to Direct Debit please reach out to your Account Manager or

Updating Booking Policy/Safety Measures/Booking Confirmation 

Are your bookings policies and booking confirmations reflective of the new changes? These are a great opportunity to confirm your stance on the current guidelines and reiterate any key facts (such as group sizes and closing times) in a clear message to the customer.

Please also read our Prepare your Business’ guide which covers other useful tips such as; updating floor plansrequesting contact details for Track and Tracelimiting arrivals and many more useful ways to utilise your Collins software.

A Sign Of Hope on 

These new policies will feel significant to your business over the coming months, but we did want to share some positive news when it comes to you and your listing on DesignMyNight (Don’t have one yet? We can do that for you too, check with your Account Manager). 

Not only have we seen little to no changes when it comes to the amount of people visiting the website since the announcement (showing that interest in bookings, regardless of their end time, is still prevalent), we’re seeing elevated interest in the coming season, with visits to Halloween pages up 604%, visits to Christmas pages up 207% and visits to NYE pages up 127%.

It really isn’t lost on us that all these new changes to the guidelines mean a lot of new changes for you, if you need more help or would like our assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

All the best,
Team Collins xx

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