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Bookings Overview Calendar

We have had many requests over the years for an overview of in-progress enquiries and confirmed bookings in a diary format; with lots of granular detail too.

We challenged ourselves to create a format that gives you flexibility over a week and month view, across all your zones/spaces, for confirmed and in progress bookings, looking at covers/bookings/value and bringing in the analytics/actions of your different booking tags.

We tried to solve these types of questions:

– How many in progress enquiries do I have open across my private zones next week?
– What is the value of all my open enquiries in December? Which days have a lot that I need to try and close?
– How many enquiries do I have open this month that are awaiting a deposit? And what value are all these open enquiries to me?
– Do any of my private rooms have a hold on them on the w/c 10th December that I need to chase?
– How many open party enquiries do I have this month, for dinner service? And what are the bookings?

image (12)

Taking all this into consideration we have created the Bookings Overview Calendar, which is a data beast, crunching all your numbers for you and presenting them in a legible, flexible and actionable format!

image (13)

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