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Pre-Register for Access to our new Support Centre

We are working on a brand new Customer Success Portal for all customers, which we hope to launch soon. The exciting benefits are listed below.
However, it is extremely important that you get yourself and everyone in your team that uses Collins, to pre-register HERE. [Click – Not a member].
Key features of the new Customer Success Portal: 

1. We are significantly improving the way you see and interact with your Support cases, including:

• A new personal Support Case Dashboard for an at a glance view of all your support cases, raised.
• Improved Case summary information and ways for you to escalate, close or re-open your own cases.
• The ability to quickly export your support case(s) information to Excel.

2. New Community site to work with your peers…ask questions to the Collins community (How-To/Best Practice); help each other and answer each other’s questions.  We have so many passionate and knowledgeable users of Collins we really want to create one large community where we can all help each other to excel.
3. Powerful and searchable Knowledge Base with common answers and how-to’s – lets you find and rate the best answers quickly and easily.

4. For those of you that have more than one Access Hospitality product (our new family), then you will get access to Customer Success for all your products within the one help centre, with visibility for all our Success Teams of the cases you have raised across the multiple products.

 What to do next? 

Pre-register, pre-register, pre-register! Please send this on to everyone who uses Collins to make sure everyone gets registered in the next few weeks. CLICK HERE

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