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250 new venues in a few months…

The sun may have been beating down but we have been sweating our little backsides off signing up some great new clients, over here at Collins HQ.

We are thrilled to report that Fuller’s have agreed to roll out Collins to their whole estate. Previously in 50 of their London-central pubs for over 8 months they saw a marked improvement in conversion rate, enquiries in and customer satisfaction leading to a full roll out to all 200 pubs before the Xmas rush starts…

Also last month we have agreed a deal with Draft House to move over to Collins. These multi-functional venues offering food, drinks and party bookings saw that Collins was the only solution on the market to offer them all the functionality they needed.

Our romp into the casual dining world also continues with Ben’s Canteen, Benugo, Inamo, Circus, Disappearing Dining Club, Mint Leaf and Big Easy all joining the Collins family.

We’re off to get a quick Gin & Tonic ice pop…then back to work!

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