Oakman Inns Feedback…

Oakman Inns are one of the fastest growing pub groups in the UK now operating 14 pubs in local areas. Recently winning the below Publican awards:

Best Pub Employer of the Year 2015 winner – Publican Awards

Best Community Pub Operator 2015 winner – Publican Awards

Best New Pub/Bar 2015 winner – Publican Awards (The Beech House, St. Albans)

We asked Hannah, their Digital Marketing Manager for some recent feedback and were delighted to get the below;

“Being able to view and manage the bookings for all our restaurants through one system has allowed us to work more efficiently at all levels within the business, whether it’s taking the booking or initial enquiry at site or reporting and forecasting across multiple venues at once. The functionality of Collins Pay and Pre-Order makes dealing with bookings of all types seamless and allows both our teams and customers to manage these requests at a time that is convenient for them. The Collins Team are always receptive to new development suggestions with the system evolving and improving every month and it has been great to see some of the suggestions from our managers be implemented and improving the user experience.”


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