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Growing with clients…

Dirty Martini were two bars when they took on Collins 2 years ago. We have been delighted to be such a pivotal part of their recent growth, seeing them now have 10, with more in the immediate pipeline. Dirty Martini moved over from a traditional restaurant booking platform, which enabled them to improve enquiry conversion rates and improving their customer flow from enquiry in, to deposit, to confirmed booking. Faye Catchpole, Sales Manager UK, stated that “pre-booked business equates to 45% of overall sales, climbing up to 61% around December and Collins has been a fundamental reason why we continue to grow, continue to increase pre-booked business and improve our customer journey.”


Brewhouse Bar & Kitchen, a casual dining pub/bar/restaurant concept had 2 venues when they signed with Collins 15 months ago. They have seen incredible growth now at 15 sites across the UK. Collins was brought in to improve their real-time table capabilities and improve their group and party business including pre-ordering and deposits. We have looked at a complete “global” view with Brewhouse, working with their team on a full “booking policy plan” which will be implemented across the group in the coming months. We are excited to continue being part of their rapid growth.

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